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Friday the 13th Game Download

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Depending on the objectives of the cult horror franchise Friday the 13th Game Download shooter action game focused on multiplayer with the involvement of 8 players. Among the players and the homicidal maniac Jason Voorhessa play, and its aim would be to eliminate all participants fun. The other direct actions of their endeavor, and its possible victims would be to avoid killing and passing persecutors, by close and trapping alliance in the group. Alias: Summer Camp.


Télécharger Friday the 13th Game crack version complete – PC

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Friday the 13th Game crack Télécharger Friday the 13th Game

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows Xp/ Vista(SP2) / 7

Processor (Intel): Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3.0 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics card (NVIDIA): NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 1GB
Graphics card (AMD): AMD Radeon HD 6750

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Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Processor (Intel): Intel Core i5-660 3.33 GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 60 GB Free Space
Graphics card (NVIDIA): NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB
Graphics card (AMD): Radeon R9 280

Informations sur les jeux:

Télécharger Friday the 13th Game Crack was made to play in multiplayer that is asynchronous third person action game, which can be an adaptation of the cult series of horror movies, known in our nation under the title Télécharger Friday the 13th Game Crack. Production resurrects the legend of among the film’s most renowned serial killers – Jason Voorhees, who made his debut in the classic production of Sean S. Cunningham in 1980. In the years 1980-1993, Jason appeared in a total of 9 fully fledged parts of the cycle, and – already in the XXI century – in two spinoffs (Jason X and Freddy vs. Jason), and the remake by Marcus Nispel. He is responsible for the creation of game studio Firearm Media, previously understood primarily because of the well-received series of Clear & tactical strategy Breach. To work on the game managed to additionally involve key figures associated with the film series Télécharger Friday the 13th Game Crack. The team found, inter alia, First show creator Sean S. Cunningham, an expert in special effects Tom Savini, stuntman and multiple impersonator as Jason Voorhees Kane Hodder and author of the original soundtrack Harry Manfredini. Released on the PC platform Windows game was funded in large part thanks to the effort crowdfundingowej on the site Kickstarter.


The game is set in the area of Lake Crystal Lake, which is exactly where it was originated film series. Because of the nature of the game, Friday the 13th Game telechargement doesn’t offer, however, extensive layers of narrative, focusing on the competition between the name homicidal maniac, and a group of his possible victims staying at the camp in the immediate vicinity of the lake.


The 13th Game Download for PC Windows has been designed for network multiplayer competition. During the match, one player takes on the function of Jason Vorhees, and his endeavor is to eliminate the other players play, incarnating the role biwakujących tourists. To realize its goal, Jason must keep track of the actions of other players and transparently to follow in their footsteps as a way to inflict a decisive moment murderous blow, using a broad variety of pre-defined “finishers”. Among them were a variety of quite savage ways of killing, both those familiar with consecutive hits film series, along with totally new – created specially for the game. The role of prospective preys Jason is a killer and escape before removing it in the carton at among the many ways that are possible. Appropriate imagination of the skill to work within a team and players may also bring the effect of killing the oppressor, as that Jason isn’t fully indestructible. The game works on the particular system of advancement by rewarding the effects of individual skirmishes, but above all creativity of participants of enjoyment. Because of progress in the course of play, in the game can unlock a good deal of content associated with the picture series Télécharger Friday the 13th Game Crack including alternate sort of Jason, taking into consideration its development over the years, and another part of the picture. It is also worth noting that the whole is designed in such a style that participating in a game, players have the impression co-create their own film script. After each skirmish we can view a film preview styled short game, including all the key minutes.

game modes

The game targets network competition. Among the participants play depicts the killer Jason Voorhees, and the remaining seven participants in the camp, whose job would be to escape from your abuser, and with a little fortune – the elimination of Jason. In contrast to the vast majority of the creation, offering asynchronous multiplayer, the game does not set some of the celebrations in a place that is losing. The authors have set lots of work in the proper balancing the game in this type of manner as to play both the killer and his casualties that were possible gave identical likelihood of victory.

Specialized problems

Released on the PC platform Friday Windows, the 13th Game Crack was developed based on a modern graphics engine Unreal Engine 4, which ensures high-quality viewing experience. The gameplay has been revealed in third-person perspective and is set in a large, semi-open world area encircling Lake Crystal Lake. Remarkable genteel character animation sequences and murder, made using motion capture technology and climate binding sound, developed by Harry Manfredini – the author of music for the cult film of 1980.

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